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STARTdetoxing Maintain is our classic formulation to assist in your daily health management. It is designed to help combat toxins and life's daily stressors. We truly believe that everyone should be on this system to support their overall well-being. 

*If you were to purchase the products or ingredients individually from different sources, you would pay more than you would for the STARTdetoxing systems, both Rescue and Maintain. For example, it would cost you $150+ per month for all of the individual items found in the Maintain System for a 30-day supply; for the Rescue system, you would spend more than $200 per month. That doesn’t take into account the time it would take you to find all of the products, the shipping costs from other companies, and the uncertainty of what is really in those supplements.

If you are not sure Where To Start, the Process of Detox, and see the F.A.Q.s

Here are the simple steps for Maintain:


Maintain consists of our formulated STARTdetoxing Complete, STARTdetoxing Probiotics, and Dead Sea Salts.

  • STARTdetoxing Complete is a comprehensive blend of ingredients for daily support of detoxification to optimize vitality, immunity, and health. It is designed to support cognitive, digestive, and circulatory function aiding the body against environmental challenges.* If we had one product that sets us apart it would be this one. This is our formulated supplement to simplify taking the natural/organic supplements that support your system in the environment we live in. STARTdetoxing Complete is found in both the Rescue and Maintain system and is designed to take ongoing.  FULL INGREDIENTS 


  • STARTdetoxing Probiotics -Let's talk probiotics for a minute. Which one should you take? Refrigerated vs. shelf-stable? Which strains? How many CFU per strain? We have all heard and know the importance of taking probiotics, but these questions left us wondering as well.  Taking the guesswork out, we have formulated our own Probiotics of strains that are highly researched and effective with exactly the strains that you need. They are also shelf-stable, which means you don’t have to refrigerate them.  Probiotics are vital to maintaining healthy gut bacteria. Due to excess sugar intake, grains in our diet, antibiotics, tap water filled with chlorine and fluoride, stress in our lives, and toxins and pesticides that we are exposed to daily. probiotics are needed to aid in gut health and support overall immunity. Probiotics help to add back the good bacteria supporting in the balance of a healthy intestinal flora.  FULL INGREDIENTS 

  • Dead Sea Salt - There are two reasons to use this while soaking in the bath. First, Dead Sea Salt helps support detoxification. Second, a bath requires a commitment and by nature allows you to become calm and relaxed, helping you to de-stress. Magnesium salt baths have been used for centuries to ease discomfort, treat skin conditions, and are now used to help with the elimination of unhealthy toxins. Dermatologic studies have demonstrated that magnesium salts can bind water, assist in enhancing the skin barrier, and influence epidermal (skin) health. FULL INGREDIENTS 

Warning: This product is intended for use only by healthy adults, 18 years of age or older. Do not use if pregnant or nursing or may become pregnant, if taking medications, or if you have a medical condition. Ask your health care provider if you have any questions prior to use of this product. Discontinue use immediately if any allergic or other adverse reaction occurs. This product should not be taken after the expiration date. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.  Store in a cool, dry place.

Contains NO peanuts, tree nuts, milk, egg, fish, shellfish, gluten, soy

ALLERGEN WARNING: Processed in a facility that also processes products containing milk, eggs, soy, gluten, shellfish, fish, tree nuts, and peanuts.