Where To Start

Our systems are a 30-day subscription program. That means every 30 days it shows up at your door, with free shipping, taking the guesswork out and delivering you the freshest, highest quality ingredients! 

We have two STARTdetoxing systems that can be accessed monthly based on your specific needs and intent. Rescue is designed to only be done once or twice a year for a 30-day interval, while Maintain is designed to use on an ongoing basis to maintain your progress and combat environmental stressors. If you are new and not sure which system to START with, we recommend Rescue as a good way to realign your system. After taking Rescue for 30 days you’ll be ready to Maintain your system. 

Too much sugar, GMO foods, grains/gluten, emotional stress, exposure to pesticides and toxins, drinking water filled with chlorine and fluoride, and taking antibiotics are just some of the reasons a system like STARTdetoxing is needed for a healthy life. 

STARTdetoxing Rescue is designed for occasional use (1-2 times per year) or after more intense life challenges like taking antibiotics, recovering from surgery, or overall needing to cleanse and reset your system. It is designed for a 30-day interval at a time only. This is where we recommend starting. Once your order ships, you would switch your subscription to the Maintain system. Detoxing is a delicate process and you can sometimes feel worse before you feel better. Always take into consideration your own reactions and do it at a pace that works for you. Here are the simple steps:  

STARTdetoxing Maintain is designed for everyday use as a complement to normal life challenges. If you are in optimal health, looking for a way to maintain, or want to start slowly you can start here. Here are the simple steps: