Simplicity. Giving you a system that breaks down what you need and when you need it.  

How do I detox? How do I protect myself from contaminants in food and chemicals that surround me and my family where I work, play, learn, grow, sleep, and live? How do I sort through thousands of pages on the web, read hundreds of studies, and learn what I can from the best of Eastern and Western health practices? Not an easy venture.

Taking out the guesswork, we have developed two doctor and scientist-formulated systems. 

STARTdetoxing Maintain and STARTdetoxing Rescue 

STARTdetoxing Maintain is designed to take on an ongoing basis to "maintain" your system, while STARTdetoxing Rescue is designed to do once or twice a year for a 30-day interval. All products in each system have been meticulously selected to support an outcome of overall success.  

If you are reading this, you are interested in your health. This is an investment in your wellbeing. Maybe you exercise daily, or when you can with other commitments. Maybe you eat as clean as you can, as often as you can. Maybe you are selective on the items you purchase that relate to health. And yet keeping up with current knowledge on chemicals and ingredients that were considered “safe” when introduced, and now suspect for impact on your health, is both daunting and overwhelming.

If you are not sure where to START? HERE

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We all are busy and our goal is to keep it simple with a system that can deliver results.