Manufacturing is important to us in providing you with products of outstanding quality. Selecting manufacturers that are top notch and THE best in the industry is our top priority. We have found this industry can be filled with shady practices, and you might not always be paying for what you are getting.


Our supplement supplier is a mile away from our headquarters. That’s a big deal because the close proximity gives us the ability to walk the floors and get to know all of the people taking it from an idea to a finished product.

The ingredients used to produce our supplements are carefully sourced and selected, choosing the highest quality and even natural and organic versions when available. Several of our ingredients are sourced from Asia; those companies report compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Our products sourced in North America use vertically integrated oversight where possible, which allows us to further maintain quality and consistency. Ingredients are then combined in a state of the art facility that has been qualified by the FDA for compliance and GMP. Our products are sourced and packaged in capsules free of gluten, egg, dairy, nuts, animal products, and are considered both vegetarian and vegan. Because the facility also packages other ingredients that may contain some of these components, the FDA requires us by law to report it; however, the probability of cross-contamination is remote at best.

Our salts are brought over from the Dead Sea to our supplier in Seattle. (You can read facts about Dead Sea Salt HERE.) Our supplier is a state of the art facility that packages all-natural unrefined Dead Sea Salt. In addition, it is kosher certified, dust-free, no artificial colorants, chemicals or flavorings, non-GMO, allergen & gluten-free, organic compliant, and responsibly sourced.

From idea generation to product formulation, integrity is never compromised.