Can I just purchase one item and not a box? 
Because STARTdetoxing is a system and designed to work together, at this time we only have options for subscribing to the entire system. Selling it as a system also allows us to pass along free shipping and pricing benefits.


What makes your products different?
Well, there are multiple ways our products are superior. First and foremost, all of our ingredients are of the highest quality and ethically sourced. We have selected the cleanest versions of ingredients that are the most optimal for your body to absorb. Second, we went directly to a manufacturer that is located only one mile from our headquarters, allowing us to work closely to oversee how the products are being made. Third, we are confident that we are working with the best suppliers and manufacturers in the business to ensure you are getting exactly what is marketed. We have learned the supplement industry is filled with shady practices at the manufacturing, brand, and retail level. By going direct, we can deliver a clean, high-quality product right to your door in its freshest form. 


What is the Market Retail Value?
STARTdetoxing is sold as a system for both Rescue and Maintain, which saves our customers money. Our goal is twofold: to create simplified systems and deliver them to you in the most economical way. If you were to purchase the products or ingredients individually from different sources, you would pay more than you would for the STARTdetoxing systems, both Rescue and Maintain. For example, it would cost you $150+ per month for all of the individual items found in the Maintain System for a 30-day supply; for the Rescue system, you would spend more than $200 per month. That doesn’t take into account the time it would take you to find all of the products, the shipping costs from other companies, and the uncertainty of what is really in those supplements. We know that all of our ingredients are of the highest quality available, and in the cleanest form, for maximum function. By creating a simple system with top-notch ingredients, packaged together beautifully and sent directly to you with free shipping every 30 days, we are doing the legwork for you. We, at STARTdetoxing, are all busy individuals as well, and know the importance of simplicity, integrity and investing in your health to be your best self!


Who is behind the company? 
STARTdetoxing is scientist and doctor-formulated! Our team is made up of health activists, manufacturers, a pharmacist and a brand strategist working together to produce superior supplements. Kristy Dickerson is the founder and you can read more about the "why" behind our brand on the Who We Are section. 


Where should I START? (pun intended) 
That depends on the individual. There really is no wrong place to start. First, read the Detox Process to decide whether your needs would be better met with Rescue or Maintain. Detoxing is a delicate process. If you start with Rescue and realize you’re not ready for it, you can take the products inside that are in Maintain, change your subscription to Maintain, and then the following month you can take the Rescue items. We recommend everyone STARTing with the Rescue system for 30 days and then going to Maintain. If you are already at optimal health and looking for a way to keep up with that or want to start slowly with the detoxing process, Maintain would be your best option.


How are Probiotics vital for your system? 
Our entire environment is putting our systems on overload! Too much sugar, the water we drink, grains in our diet, taking antibiotics, stress and exposures to toxins add up to bad bacteria flourishing and taking over our guts. Probiotics are an essential combat tool to ensure the good bacteria are in control. We have carefully selected the strains that you need, taking the guesswork out for you!  


Will this system work alone without a change in diet/lifestyle? 
Just like anything else, changes to the way you eat and the products you use are necessary to help the STARTdetoxing system to work. If you are trying to eliminate toxins by using our products but you continue to overload your system, you’ll continue to feed the bad bacteria and won’t give your body a chance to do what it is designed to do. It is important that you to stay hydrated, reduce stress where possible and avoid food that will feed the bad bacteria (sugar and grains mainly).


Will I lose weight? 
The end goal of detoxing is different for everyone, however, we have found losing weight is often a secondary result. These supplements are in no way designed to be diet pills. We believe in a healthy, natural approach to detoxing by giving you natural supplements that support your body’s immunity, lowers inflammation and improves digestion. 


Should I take this for just 30 days?
STARTdetoxing Maintain is designed to do just that - maintain your system. Unless you are putting yourself in a bubble and never eating, you are going to need to maintain your system. Our all-natural supplements are formulated to take continuously, giving you the support that you need. That is why we offer it as a subscription-only - delivering you what you need every 30 days. Rescue is only designed to take for 30 days once or twice a year at different times. 


Can I cancel or delay my subscription? What about a refund? 
At any time you can cancel or delay your subscription by logging into your account. You can also contact us if you have any questions. If you are not happy with any of our products, you can request a full refund within 30 days of receiving them! See Full Terms of Service


Toxin Free symbol- what does that mean? 
From the ink we have selected on the boxes and bottles down to the postcards and boxes made of recycled materials - we are offering products that are Toxin Free! We can't authentically tell customers to avoid toxins but in turn, deliver your products with just that. You would not believe the food containers at the store that are not safe for the food sitting in them! We at STARTdetoxing believe that it’s not enough just to address the end result of toxins overloading our system - we need to do our part and address the cause, too. 


How should I take the supplements? 
Suggested uses are on each of the products. When your system arrives, it will also have a card breaking down what you should take and when, making it easy on you. We recommend consulting a physician before starting any new program. If some products are not tolerated as well, start slowly and ease yourself into the detox process. See full health disclaimer in our Terms Of Service.


What are ways I can help the results of detoxing? 
Avoid toxins when possible. Stay hydrated with water that is not filled with chlorine and fluoride; consider investing in a water filter if needed. Eat nutrient-rich foods that combat inflammation (green leafy vegetables, fresh berries, wild salmon, olive oil, and almonds). Avoid stress when possible. Exercise and sweat, it also helps to eliminate toxins. If you have access to a sauna consider sitting in it 2-3 times per week. Remember, detoxing is a process and small changes add up to big results. Our health is our most important asset! It is our energy and how we "show up" for everyone in our life. We believe that promoting health breeds happiness! 


Should I take vitamins? 
Vitamins vary widely and everyone is different in what they may lack nutritionally. If you want to know if you are deficient, consider consulting your doctor and doing a complete blood count to find out what vitamins you might need. This system in no ways acts as a multivitamin.