Enviro Friendly

At STARTdetoxing, our goal is to provide the best options to assist you in reaching your goal to maintain and improve your health. We know we are surrounded by environmental toxins and that they lurk in the food we eat and drink. We are also conscious of the impact on the environment of the products that we purchase.


We package in plastic containers that have the lowest reported potential for any toxicity at normal temperatures and the best ability to protect the freshness of the contents. The components are recyclable as #1 and #5 plastics. There are multiple published studies noting that the use of plastics of this type, compared to glass, results in up to 4x less greenhouse gas production, and definitely reduces the impact on transportation costs based on weight.



All of the labels are produced using recycled material and water-based ink that is toxic free. 




Our boxes are produced with greater than 50 percent recycled material and are fully recyclable. Our printing on the boxes uses water-based non-toxic materials. 




Postcards and any other cardstock used in our brand are made from a recycled material and the ink is free of toxins.  

You might find these two symbols on our material: 

At STARTdetoxing, we send to your home the cleanest ingredients, in the best packaging - authentically from the pills to the branding material - taking into account your health and our impact on the environment. Yes, this approach from a business perspective is not the cheapest way, however to us, it is the right way.