Details Matter

Details matter to you and to us. 
Details. Where and how are our products produced? Are they clean, consistent? Are they reliable? Are they safe for consumption? 

Manufacturing Details:

We all assume that when we purchase products to “help” our health that these questions have been addressed. Well at STARTdetoxing, we have used best efforts to do so. Our ingredients that rely on stable bioactive components come from agriculture and manufacturing. The ashwagandha is sourced and processed with “Green Chemistry” principles without using alcohol or other chemical solvents. The process is reported to be compliant with Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) and Current Good Manufacturing Processes (cGMP). The World Health Organization (WHO) developed the GACP to stabilize quality, safety, efficacy, and environmental sustainability of the collection of medicinal plant materials. The cGMP guidelines provide standards to ensure products are consistent in quality and free from contamination. The CurcuWIN and Lutemax are produced as well under cGMP for best practice, sustainability, and transparency. The Glutathione is produced using Good Laboratory Management (GLP) for reliability, consistency, and reproducibility. The Probiotics are standardized to ensure bioactivity and stability for efficacy. The Triphala is sourced to ensure responsible harvesting and consistency in ingredients. The Dead Sea Salts are monitored to ensure the source of origin and lack of chemical manipulation.

Brand Details:

Those are just details from the manufacturing side. We have also made an effort with details from a brand perspective to keep it clean, simple, upbeat in hopes of inspiring you to make a change. 

Packaging Details:

Beyond the products, all of our packaging -- from the pill bottles to the recycled kraft boxes to the water-based ink printed on the labels and boxes --  are all environmentally friendly and toxin free. We are on a mission to help combat the toxins to which you are currently being exposed, and authentically, we are doing our part. 

It is the Details, and they matter.