Introducing STARTdetoxing

Officially introducing.... STARTdetoxing!!!! I am going to try to keep this blog post as straight to the point as possible and I will also try to contain my excitement and limit the number of exclamation points I use! Next Wednesday, (July 18th at 12:00 PM EST) the website will be open for preorders. Well, it won't be completely open–you will need a password to get access. So, if you are not on my newsletter, do it now!  We have a feeling we will sell out on the first run rather quickly and we want to be able to give access to my early supporters first.

If you are new around here, I am Kristy and I love identifying problems and creating solutions. I am the CEO of STARTplanner (creating organizational and business tools), c0-founder of Start Loving You(women's retreat conference) and author of Start Balancing(my mistakes and how I corrected them which I have to still do daily). All of the START companies are tools that help you to live your best life and STARTdetoxing is a huge aspect of that. Our health and wellbeing IS our most important asset.

I mean how cool is this? I went directly to manufacturers to create a simplified system. Instead of taking a million different natural supplements a day to maintain our body's system we have simplified it all for YOU!

What is a "detox"? How can STARTdetoxing Help You?

Our bodies have a sophisticated biochemical detoxification system that works to keep us clean and healthy every minute of the day.

The human body has an elaborate system of compounds, enzymes, and biochemical engines that convert internal and external toxins to less active substances that are more easily excreted.

The liver is the main detox organ filtering products absorbed by the intestine. Our kidneys filter unwanted materials into the urine. Our intestines excrete unwanted compounds. Our lungs expel volatile gas waste. Yet, each day we still need help keep up with civilized societies’ chemical advances.

We are all constantly exposed to environmental toxins in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and in the food we eat.  We are all contaminated with chemicals on our clothes, our furniture and homes, our cosmetics, shampoo, laundry detergents, food storage and food containers we buy from the grocery store. We encounter toxins in our workplaces and recreation areas. Our bodies create toxins, even in those of us who lead very clean lives, and we encounter naturally occurring toxins in our environments that enter our system.

The STARTdetoxing system is a sophisticated approach to reasonable detoxification. We have meticulously selected ingredients that have been studied to assist in the body’s naturally developed detoxification apparatus and support overall immunity. STARTdetoxing is not a replacement for healthy living; STARTdetoxing is an aid to managing everyday environmental challenges and stress.

What are the systems?

STARTdetoxing Rescue is our advanced formulation approach to cleansing. If you are new to detoxing, this is where we recommend you to START. Once this system has shipped, you can go to the Maintain system. The items found in Rescue are VERY carefully selected components to represent the best available supplements to assist you during the detoxing process. STARTdetoxing Rescue is recommended for a 30-day interval once or twice a year, as tolerated.

If you are needing a hard reset, have recently taken antibiotics, have had surgery or are in need of detoxing (which we all are) this would be the place to start.

STARTdetoxing Rescue is made up of the same components of Maintain(shown below), but in addition, it includes Diatomaceous Earth food grade to cleanse the bowel and increase detoxification. Also added, Triphala. This is a revered Ayurvedic combination of extracts from three different fruits. Triphala is now used in the West to detoxify, combat stress and inflammation, and is used in some cancer treatment centers. The Rescue box also includes an additional container of Dead Sea Salt to encourage more baths which help with the elimination of unhealthy toxins.


STARTdetoxing Maintain is our classic formulation to assist in your daily health management. It is designed to help combat toxins and life's daily stressors. We truly believe that everyone should be on this system ongoing to support their overall well-being.

Maintain consists of our formulated STARTdetoxing Complete, STARTdetoxing Probiotics, and Dead Sea Salts.

  • STARTdetoxing Complete- contains an amazing combination of ingredients with peer review documentation indicating antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects that assist in supporting brain function and emotion, circulation, muscular activity, eyesight, and digestion. It is a carefully formulated product of natural and organic supplements that are designed to support the overall detoxification process.
  • STARTdetoxing Probiotics- Let's talk probiotics for a minute. Which one should you take? Refrigerated vs. shelf-stable? Which strains? How many CFU per strain? We have all heard and know the importance of taking probiotics, but these questions left us wondering as well.  Taking the guesswork out, we have formulated our own probiotics strain that is highly researched and effective with exactly the strains that you need. They are also shelf-stable, which means you don’t have to refrigerate them.  Probiotics are vital to maintaining a healthy gut. Due to excess sugar intake, grains in our diet, antibiotics, tap water filled with chlorine and fluoride, stress in our lives, and toxins and pesticides that we are exposed to daily. probiotics are needed to aid in gut health and support overall immunity. Probiotics help to add back good bacteria supporting in the balance of a healthy intestinal flow.
  • Dead Sea Salt- There are two reasons to use this while soaking in the bath. First, Dead Sea Salt helps support detoxification. Second, a bath requires a commitment and by nature allows you to relax and feel more calm, helping you to de-stress. Magnesium salt baths have been used for centuries to ease discomfort, treat skin conditions, and are now used to help with the elimination of unhealthy toxins. Dermatologic studies have demonstrated that magnesium salts can bind water, assist in enhancing the skin barrier, and influence epidermal (skin) health.

Do you have one product that sets you apart? 

It all works together as a system but yes, STARTdetoxing Complete is our formulated product making it easy to take the highest quality ingredients in the right quantities.

Instead of talking and sourcing all these products on the left, our pharmacist has formulated a product that has it all together simplifying it. Just for all those products on the left on a monthly basis, I was spending $75 plus a month and not even having clean versions always. If there is one thing I have learned it is that the supplement industry is filled with shady practices so the fact that our we are working the best in the business and it is A MILE from our headquarters it is just meant to be!

Where should I START? (pun intended)

Our systems are a 30-day subscription program. That means every 30 days it shows up at your door, with free shipping, taking the guesswork out and delivering you the freshest, highest quality ingredients!

We have two STARTdetoxing systems that can be accessed monthly based on your specific needs and intent. Rescue is designed to only be done once or twice a year for a 30-day interval, while Maintain is designed to use on an ongoing basis to maintain your progress and combat environmental stressors. If you are new and not sure which system to START with, we recommend Rescue as a good way to realign your system. After taking Rescue for 30 days you’ll be ready to Maintain your system.

Too much sugar, GMO foods, grains/gluten, emotional stress, exposure to pesticides and toxins, drinking water filled with chlorine and fluoride, and taking antibiotics are just some of the reasons a system like STARTdetoxing is needed for a healthy life.


How did STARTdetoxing come to be? 

I was sick. My body was shutting down. My physical manifestations with my health were showing themselves in the form of blemishes, weight gain, and other flaws. My outer beauty was diminishing. More than that, my inner beauty was fading. I had no energy and my gut was a mess. I knew I had to get to the bottom of it. I found the root cause and went on a journey to heal myself through detoxing. Through the process, I found me again! Feeling my best self, I knew I had to create this system for others.

I went on a quest and honestly, life circumstances put me in touch with the right people at the right time to make this company come to fruition. I honestly feel like it was all meant to be.

I founded STARTdetoxing with the idea that we all need to detox and there has to be a simple system so that we can stick to it. Although I am the heartbeat behind this company, there is a team of people that are way smarter than me who made it all happen. If you want to see my results with detoxing you can see it HERE.  These supplements are in no way designed to be diet pills or to lose weight. We believe in a healthy, natural approach to detoxing by giving you natural supplements that support your body’s immunity, lowers inflammation and improves digestion.